Sensitive Matter & Other Poems


Sensitive Matter

For some theirs is incredibly big
For others exceedingly small.
But, guys, with the best will in the world,
The size doesn’t matter at all.

What actually matters is power
And skill when you’re using it too.
If you have those then it won’t count
If you’re short of an inch or two.

After all, barely anyone sees it;
You can’t get it out in the street.
When all’s said and done it’s just a lump
Of gristle – a sliver of meat.

How you use it is all that matters-
Don’t make me say it again;
No one important will really care
About the size of your brain.

No Rest

i have burgled no houses
i’ve closed all country gates
i’ve cast no first stones
had the patience of saints

i’ve not nicked wheelie bins
and i’ve kept off the grass
there are all kinds of sins
i’ve avoided en masse

not one cat have i kicked
i have rustled no sheep
no rest for the wicked?
then why can’t i sleep?!

Finishing Books

Finish a book and the story dies
It’s the feeling I most despise;
I hate finishing books.

Finish a book and a world has ended
Even if all is neatly mended;
I hate finishing books.

Finish a book and you feel so lost
Buy six more and never mind the cost;
I hate finishing books.

Finish a book and dry your tears
Make the next one last four years;
I hate finishing books.

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