Love Is A Dance & Other Poems


Love Is A Dance

love is a dance
        and I don’t know the steps
one dancer joins me
        and then promptly forgets
another goes round for an hour or two
        then disappears – it’s not me, it’s you
wherever I walk I see couples dance
        beautiful moves in a waltzing romance
but I walk on alone and no one objects
        love is a dance and I don’t know the steps

Calling Shotgun

On approaching the car
said ‘shotgun’ to the street.
I gave him both barrels
and then took the front seat.

Roll Over

Roll over

     I am rudely awake too early
     lie in bed and listen to the sound
     of my housemate humping crockery about
     and sniffing like a cold has come

Roll over

     eyes close but mind opens—
     a flood of thoughts
     each more terrible than the last
     and my low opinion of myself lowers

Roll over

     check my phone – no messages, of course
     look at all the social media sites
     feeding my paranoia like parasites
     see everyone else’s life in little bytes

Roll over

     decide to give up on sleep
     decide to give up on being awake
     the day is ruined
     without getting out of bed

Roll over

a thousand times and dead

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