I Was Empty & Other Poems


I Was Empty

I was empty
      my stomach burned
      and my tongue was sick
      of the taste of life

I was tired
      and I wanted to be
      someone else



I’ve got you in my head
like a song stuck on repeat
No chorus or conclusion
Just my heart skipping a

Don’t Send Me Back

don’t send me back again
to that dark ocean
where the waves rise high
in the moonless night

where sirens calling
is the same as silence
and all around the world
is damp with seaweed

where foam rises over my head
where pain expands like one last bubble in my chest
where unlamenting creatures lie in wait
and my veins and thoughts freeze

the sun no longer rises
the stars are put out and forgotten
in the ocean
at the end of all things

don’t send me back again

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