Life Is Waiting & Other Poems


Life is Waiting

life is waiting for you
and it can’t wait forever
because you don’t have that long
I’d say don’t be afraid
but you should be

be afraid of being less than you are
be afraid of not trying more than you’re afraid to fail
be afraid of complacency
                 and mediocrity

don’t settle.

get going
get out there
go and get what you want
and get what you deserve
get motivated
get frustrated
get angry if that helps
but passion is better

get better
you get better by working
get creative, get busy, get tired
get knocked down
get sand kicked in your face
get back up and back on the horse

don’t settle.

you don’t have time for second best
or enough seconds left

              get sweat in your clothes
                              get tears in your eyes
                   get songs in your head
           and love in your heart

life is waiting for you
and it can’t wait forever
you don’t have that long

get started


the city was ugly and
   I was sick of it
the smell of too familiar streets
   the majesty rubbed off like gilt
every face the same, every day
   the same, every life the same
just crawling over
   the same square miles
     live sleep    live sleep
      repeat repeat     repeat


cobwebs on the light

the perfect line on the
tip of my tongue

the way I look at you
could burn a thousand suns

the way you don’t look at me
the cobwebs on the light

2 Responses to “Life Is Waiting & Other Poems”
  1. Jack says:

    Life is Waiting best one for ages really great writing.

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