Matching Set & Other Poems


Matching Set

offering a ring like a pound shop princess
talking about how you won’t allow kids when you marry
that sexy man over there in the striped shirt
because you went to a wedding where
some disabled kids played noisily at the back
all through the service

I look at the man you’re going to marry
he’s not much cop if you ask me
but c’est la vie

he’s talking about how that bit
in movies where a person is falling
and someone shouts
‘give me your hand’
is unrealistic

you deserve each other
I say
and walk away

Romantic Distortion

looking at someone
in whom you see
your future
realising that
all you are seeing
is your hopes

is like
staring at yourself
in a fun house mirror
and trusting that

Drinking Alone

he sits at the table
in his overcoat
drinking the same drink as me

his wheeled zimmer by his side
trying to catch the barmaid’s eye
for another drink

old and alone, drinking alone
and I’d pray to god I
don’t end up like that
if I thought god existed

I sit at the table
In a red jumper
drinking the same drink as him

book and phone by my side
trying to catch the barmaid’s eye
not for another drink

Country Boy

the city noise and dirt and grime
and hearing the neighbours all the time
endless concrete, grey and squat,
cars and filth and grot
orange light on streets the same
endless people, dull as rain

my soul cries out for country fog
for mountains, heath, moor and bog
for misty lakes and rolling hill
for peace and quiet
            and still

2 Responses to “Matching Set & Other Poems”
  1. I especially like this set of poems, Nick! I had no idea what I’d been missing out, not following closely enough to your blog.

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