I’m naked in the mirror
reflecting on reflection
and feeling thankful
that I don’t usually
have to see myself from this
(or any)

the light is unforgiving
but not as much as me
the mirror is a canvas
and I don’t like what I see
I show no restraint:
I don’t like me

the parts too fat
the parts too thin
the parts too old
this imperfect skin
fills me with disgust
sometimes all I see
is bloodshot eyes and
a bodyweight of dust

no one else could look
this bad, what do other
people see when they look
at their reflection?
do they hate themselves
as much as me?

such a terrible waste
of time and breath
hating this body that’s
keeping me from death

that makes me alive
helps me to survive
and has got nothing
in return
but scorn

maybe it’s these thoughts
that I can’t stand to see
thought processes stripped bare
exposed to the mirror’s silent stare
making me

I should go to bed
switch off the light
get out of my head
get rested before another working day

but here I stay
standing naked in the mirror
reflecting on reflection

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