Effective Stage Management

Stage Management. It’s key to the theatre and without it very little would get done. From the outside looking in, a good stage manager can look like a deity made flesh or a fantasy gleeman – juggling so many balls and spinning so many plates that it seems improbable that they can be kept in … Continue reading

Fresh Woods & Pastures New

Sunset over Mill Green

As some of you may know, I have just moved house after some time living off the charity of good friends (massive shout out here to Jon and Susie, who are amongst the best people the world has to offer. Thank you for everything.), so I thought I’d take a break from all the unpacking … Continue reading

A Chapter of Writers

Writing is, primarily, a solitary behaviour. Quite a lot of the work we do occurs inside our heads as millions of neurones fire across synapses to bring us the best characters and the twistiest twists imaginable. Whilst others can inspire the creative process and may serve as templates for characters or as groups of people … Continue reading

The Writing Mood

I haven’t been much in the writing mood recently. Following the wave of productivity that came after reading Patrick Ness’ writing tips that I linked here a few posts ago, I’ve crashed down to writing absolutely nothing. I had done two new chapters on the fantasy novel, resurrecting it from the neglect that it had … Continue reading

Meeting Your Characters

Today I want to talk about characters, mostly because of something that happened today. In my job, I meet a whole bunch of people, since we’re a busy institution with between 40,000 and 200,000 visitors a month. I don’t get to talk to all of them, of course, and fair enough, but I do get … Continue reading

How to Write A Ten Minute Play

As many of you will know – and all of you should know since I’m always mentioning it. You better hurry up and get revising. There’s an exam at the end of term – I belong to a group called Proteus Productions, part of Leicester University Theatre dedicated to writing, directing, and performing new short … Continue reading

Tips for Better Writing Part 2

Good to see you all back here. In part one of Tips for Better Writing, I talked about getting an idea that you are interested in and is sustainable for you to write, showing the audience things through situations and dialogue, rather than telling them outright, and listening to the way people speak to make … Continue reading

Tips for Better Writing, Part 1

In one week’s time, my first poetry anthology will be published by Inspired Quill, and to celebrate, I’m going to be bringing you a post every other day right up to publication day! Aren’t you lucky? Actually, it’s me who’s very lucky and I want to quickly take the opportunity to thank everyone who has … Continue reading

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