I’ve always been attracted to writing fiction – the simplest joy comes in constructing and telling a story. Whilst I took a break from writing stories to concentrate on plays and poetry, I was always writing back stories for pen and paper roleplay characters. These started out as short affairs no more than an A4 page, but grew as I got into enjoying them more and more (some are over 20,000 words long!). Whilst it was fun writing about characters in the fictional worlds of others, I also wanted to create my own worlds and settings. I am currently working on a fantasy novel, provisionally called From the Ashes, and am writing short stories, some of which are collected below. In July 2012 I started a fantasy series set in Tornmile, which are available for free below. Check my blog for new installments and new short stories.


A episodic fantasy series set in Tornmile, a crumbling Empire, following three characters – Mishak the Stamm, Brielle the Innkeeper’s Daughter, and Johreel the Assassin. You can read Tornmile for free from the Tornmile Chapter Index. Book One is now finished, but Tornmile will return.

The Strength of the Pack

Part 1: The Best Laid Schemes
Part 2: The Scent of Fear
Part 3: Silent Night
Part 4: Fear Itself
Part 5: The Strength of the Wolf

The Heart of the Forest

Part 1: A Short Cut
Part 2: Esther & Amber
Part 3: The Vessel

Short Stories

After the Fall
All That’s Left
And The Greatest of These…
Arriving Somewhere Unexpected
The Bloody Hill
Burleigh Hall
The Camp
A Fox in the Night
Ghost Story
The Hands of a Healer
The Hill At Dawn
The Island
Little Marked One
Mountain Rescue
The Nightwatchman
The Red Tower
The Storm
Taking the Fifth
What I Did On My Holiday

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