The Empire is crumbling; sedition and rebellion have seen entire provinces freed from Tornmilian control. At the heart of the Empire, the city of Tornmile itself, an ailing king sits on the throne, unable to rule, and power-hungry nobles fight over control of the regency. While they fight, the colonies burn and it can’t be long before Tornmile too starts to feel the heat.

For the meantime, Johreel, Brielle, and Mishak have other concerns, but there’s something darker in Tornmile’s heart than a dying empire; an intricate web that will enmesh them all.

Book One

Part 1: The Ascent of A Man
Part 2: An Unwanted Surprise
Part 3: The King’s Arms
Part 4: By Any Other Name
Part 5: A Question of Honour
Part 6: The Blacksmith’s Striker
Part 7: A Thief in the Night
Part 8: Running with Wolves
Part 9: Into the Lion’s Den
Part 10: Escape from the Spire
Part 11: Vengeance Denied
Part 12: Trial & Error
Part 13: Cloak & Dagger
Part 14: Thicker than Water
Part 15: A Stitch in Time
Part 16: A Dead End
Part 17: A New Venture
Part 18: Work To Be Done
Part 19: Trading Blows
Part 20: Recovery
Part 21: The Pride of Tornmile
Part 22: A Traitor’s Revenge
Part 23: Lost & Found
Part 24: A Knife in the Dark
Part 25: The End of the Chase
Part 26: Lady In Waiting
Part 27: Fox & Dagger
Part 28: Tokens
Part 29: Treacherous Steps
Part 30: The Silver Blade
Part 31: Hot Water
Part 32: A Captured Spy
Part 33: Shadows of the Past
Part 34: New Allies
Part 35: A Little Message
Part 36: A Calling Card
Part 37: A Companion’s Worth
Part 38: Traitors Within
Part 39: The Heart of Government
Part 40: Honour & Duty
Part 41: Questions & Answers
Part 42: Necessary Sacrifice
Part 43: Before the Council
Part 44: Honourable Scum
Part 45: What Lies Hidden
Part 46: An Unexpected Meeting
Part 47: A Leaf In A Forest
Part 48: A Pair of Damsels
Part 49: Vows
Part 50: The Golden Hawk
Part 51: The Poison in the Cup
Part 52: Out of the Frying Pan

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