Lily’s Monologue

A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR:This extract is from scene two of The Empty Chair. Lily is on stage alone, though she is addressing Jack, her dead husband as though he were alive.

After a pause LILY comes onto the stage from SR. She looks windswept, but other than that not out of the ordinary.

LILY: Don’t you remember? You must remember. It was such a good day – the sun was out and shining and birds wheeled and soared in a sky as blue as a sapphire. The white sand was warm on our bare feet, and the water like crystal as far as the eye could see. How do you not remember? We had ice cream on the sea wall, and you made your joke about groynes, like you always do when we go to the beach. We always laugh even though it’s never been funny. I could have stayed on that beach forever. Just forgotten everything and stayed there, lying looking up into that blue sky and listening to the cry of the gulls. Frozen in that place, almost trapped, but perfectly happy, a sailor’s wife waiting for her husband to come back from the sea. (beat) And the nights! The most beautiful thing I’ve seen. Don’t you agree? The sky like a great cloak with thousands of tiny diamonds, blinking beautifully, over sea like black glass. A quicksilver moon hung just above the horizon, its soft reflected glow adding a sense of the supernatural. Like this beach was the playground of fairies, and we had stumbled, unknowing mortals, into their midst. (more softly) That was the first night we made love. I remember thinking that my father would give me such a hiding if he knew, but I didn’t care. I gave myself to you that night. That perfect night under the fairies’ moon. Do you remember?

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