Be Careful What You Wish For

There once was a monkey who lived all alone
In the branches of a tall, green tree
And all day long he would sit and moan
That he wished he lived by the sea.

Then one day a bird flew by
With a wingspan as big as the tree
Who spied the monkey, and heard him cry
That he wished to live by the sea.

Now the bird was kind at heart
And said to the monkey, “fly with me!
Fast as lightning and straight as a dart
I will take you to the sea.”

The monkey agreed, and so off they flew
And soon they were by the sea
But when he saw the waves so strong and blue
Said the monkey, “how I long for my tree!”

The bird was cross at the monkey’s cry
Since out of pity he’d borne him from the tree
Said the bird, “Well, here you will lie,
As you wanted, by the deep, blue sea.”

So now there’s a monkey who lives all alone
By the edge of the foaming sea
And all day long he will sit and moan
That he wishes he were back in his tree.

Copyright © 2012 by Nicholas Palmer

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