In Castle Park & Other Poems

  Star Eyes Look into these eyes, sparkle like stars, Do they tell you how beautiful you are? I think they should. Because I don’t have the perfect way – Don’t have the right words or the right to say – I wish I could. Please don’t imagine I’m not proud I tell myself to … Continue reading

Tailor Made

  It was Locklear’s first time in the rain. He couldn’t say that he was enjoying it. The droplets of it beat at his fibres and soaked through to his lining in a way that made the wind chilling. His pockets were sodden, as though Mother Nature wanted them for a drinking cup. It was … Continue reading

Oubliette & Other Poems

  The Return Take my hand and bend to kiss me Tell me that you’ll always miss me Then take the road and go. I can’t cure this deadly sorrow Blood turns black, there’s no tomorrow So take the road and go. Lost my heart and hope is fleeting See the end in each new … Continue reading

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