Sensitive Matter & Other Poems

  Sensitive Matter For some theirs is incredibly big For others exceedingly small. But, guys, with the best will in the world, The size doesn’t matter at all.


Lately, I’ve been getting a little frustrated with marketing books on Twitter, so forgive me if this turns into more of a rant than I intend at the outset. I use Twitter a lot and I welcome any and all who follow me and want to hear my thoughts on my life and writing. (As … Continue reading


How do you prefer to write? I like to write out things by hand first and then type them up later, and there are two main reasons for this. 1) Holding a pen in my hand makes me feel more connected to what I’m writing – there’s a certain impersonality about typing directly into a … Continue reading

Inspired Quill’s Birthday

It’s publishing house Inspired Quill‘s birthday this week, and as one of their writers I was asked to contribute a post to celebrate the auspicious day. Hopefully you were able to trundle over there and see my post, but for those of you who are link challenged, here it is reproduced: Happy birthday to you! … Continue reading

Learning Lines & Competitions

I’ve not had a lot of time to write recently, which is why I’ve mainly been focusing on poetry. I have to write at least once in the space of four days otherwise I start to get antsy and annoyed, but a quick poem takes the edge off. Mostly, I’ve been learning lines for Stand … Continue reading

The End of the Report

So I come back to you, jerkin torn and armour in need of repair, sword slick with the blood of the report, which has finally been slain… Maybe I’ve been spending too much time indoors working on my Fourth Crusade report? Yes, well, lack of choice has been a factor there. It went well, thanks … Continue reading

Breaking the Word Limit

So it’s been an interesting week for me. The last three weeks had seen no writing whatsoever, but I’m pleased to say that I’ve broken the block and have cranked out two and a quarter chapters over the last week, which is pleasant. I’m really starting to get a good idea of where I’m going … Continue reading

Fan Fiction: Yes or No?

So, it occured to me that apart from my long winded ramblings on deities who may or may not be included in this fantasy series I’m writing, I haven’t really shown you anything that I’ve written that isn’t play manuscript or poetry. The reason for that is there isn’t much to show you. I’ve a … Continue reading

To God or not to God

Hello all, The majority of my thinking this past week has been on my fantasy series, since it’s what I’ve been writing the most of. I’m very much a believer in macro-world building, that is to say knowing what all the world is like in order to enhance the setting before undertaking any of the … Continue reading

Procrastination for the Nation

Hello all, I hope you’ve all had a grand week and aren’t feeling that it’s Monday too much (4 days till the weekend). Anyway, I’ve got some editing done of the last week for Lost & Found, and I’m pleased to say that the first half is ready to go. Second half editing begins now. … Continue reading

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