Film Review: The LEGO Movie

  Via   I’m not honestly sure what I expected of the LEGO™ movie when I sat down in the company of a cinema screen full of children to watch it. Ostensibly, it seemed this would be a movie for kids and for kids who never grew up. Now, I’m not going to make … Continue reading

Film Review: Thor: The Dark World

  Via Papyrus   I’m a little late to the Thor: The Dark World party, having only seen it yesterday for the first time. But I’m going to throw in my tuppence, anyway, just because I have some thoughts to share with you. Thor: The Dark World, or Thor 2, is the much anticipated sequel … Continue reading

The Calm

Sunset over Mill Green

It’s been a while since I updated, sorry about that. There have been things going on and not many of them have been all that good, so that’s why I’ve been silent. Trying to sort out real life and not getting all that far. I’ll try to keep updating as usual from now on, but … Continue reading

Avengers Assemble!

Monday seems to have sneaked (or snuck) around again inordinately fast. On the down side this means having to go to work (boo! hiss!) but this also means that it’s time for a blog (stop booing at the back!). To be honest the main reason Monday seems to have come around so soon is because … Continue reading

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