The Cagebirds


The Cagebirds

by David Campton

David Campton’s The Cagebirds is a one act comedy drama about six birds, each with their own particular song – songs of beauty, of gossip, of gloom. They are content to be kept in a cage by the Master, who keeps them fed, watered and safe from the outside world. But then the Master introduces a new bird to the cage. She is the Wild One and her song is one of rebellion. She shatters the illusions of her cage companions and bids them rise against their cage and all other cages.

Directed by Nick Palmer, The Cagebirds is a witty and insightful examination of the prisons we build for ourselves and our reactions to radical change.

The Cagebirds will be performed on 6th & 8th November 2014 at The Little Theatre, Leicester. You can get tickets by dropping into the Box Office between 10 am and 7.30 pm Monday to Friday (Saturdays 10 am to 12 pm) or by telephone on 01162 551302.


The Cast


Emma Bamford

The Regular Thump

Samantha Birnie

The Mirror Eyed Gazer

Charlotte Brown

The Long Tongued Gossip


Helen Francis

The Medicated Gloom

Diani Gatenby Davies

The Constant Twitting

Annabel Griffiths

The Wild One


Lily Portman

The Great Guzzle

James Ward

The Master


The Cagebirds poster (click to enlarge)
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