Sunset over Mill Green
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Sunset over Mill Green


  I’m naked in the mirror reflecting on reflection and feeling thankful that I don’t usually have to see myself from this (or any) angle the light is unforgiving but not as much as me the mirror is a canvas and I don’t like what I see I show no restraint: I don’t like me … Continue reading

You Alone

  I can hear my voice across the stars My throat is trembling with stitched-in scars But white doves fly from broken palms for you alone I cannot heal the beast in me The touch of your hands can set storms free But these quiet seeds will forever be for you alone This world will … Continue reading

Sunset over Mill Green


  It’s a quarter to four the girl in silver shorts down at the police station makes a report about an impossible situation The tiger, pretending it was tame, lay down with the lamb and the lamb rose with a sense of shame The girl in the silver shorts worries that her reputation is nothing … Continue reading

Brighton Beach

  Brighton Beach Brighton Beach will rain on me Devour flesh with sky and sea. Auburn hair on autumn stones, Only the seagulls mark the bones. Shingle shifts she’s left to drown Beneath the pier, her voice still sounds. Brighton Beach will reign in me The queen is crowned with sky and sea.  

Thoughts on the Attack in Nice

  I’ve only been to Nice once. Nine years ago, I walked along the Promenade des Anglais and the beach of the Baie des Anges before climbing La Cascade. I looked down on the terracotta rooftops of the city, spreading out beneath me, and the sky and the Mediterranean Sea both a bright, uncompromising blue, … Continue reading

Shift’s End

  A slab of light fell on MacMillan’s face through the window. It illuminated one eye, brown and bloodshot, a nose, broken in a childhood argument, and a jawline, half-weak, half-strong and with three day’s stubble on it. Officer Jordan watched him from the darkness of the patrol car’s passenger seat. An ambulance rattled the … Continue reading


Charlie put the cat down reluctantly and watched longingly as it wandered up to the door and through the cat flap its thoughtful owners had installed. She turned away and blinked in the bright sun. It was still cool, the first signs of Spring only just appearing and she wished that Summer felt closer. The … Continue reading


They called him the Wolf Knight. His true name, if he’d ever had such a thing, had been forgotten, replaced by a thousand stories of his sword smoking with the blood of his enemies under a bright moon. His presence was said to make even the bravest knights of the realm weak with fear as … Continue reading

In The Valley

Dust devils danced across the horizon, clearly visible even from behind the protective walls of the base, too regular and too fast to be natural phenomenon, especially so close to nightfall. Kayli called out for Elina and then triggered the alarm to put the base on alert. The third attack on her watch. She was … Continue reading

The Red Tower

  The tower stood on a cliff, white stone crumbling into the sea below and the swirl of the wind flecking the tower’s sandstone walls with salt spray. The tower had stood for centuries. Once, it was a guard tower for those keeping watch for invasion from the waves or maybe a high point from … Continue reading

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