The Storm

The Storm Huddled in the small porch of a hotel, Ben frowned at the weather and mentally measured the distance from the door to his car. Rain sheeted out of the sky, falling in a torrent that seemed ignorant of the fact that it was late June. Over the sound of the raindrops forming channels … Continue reading The Storm

Taking the Fifth

Taking the Fifth Ba da ba daa. Sandy whistled Beethoven’s Fifth to himself as he walked purposefully through the market. It was early morning, the grey light of an autumnal dawn spread itself tentatively across the narrow streets surrounding the open market place. The traders were already here, tying tarpaulin covers to metal structures that … Continue reading Taking the Fifth


Moonshine The street lights cast their isolated amber glow, barely bright enough to light more than a small radius around them. Alex, trudging down the pavement, vaguely remembered something in the local rag about the street lights being too bright, but he hadn’t read the article properly. It could have been that they were not … Continue reading Moonshine


Friday Becky’s eyes snapped open a few seconds before her alarm starting chirruping happily on the small table next to her bed. She raised a hand and silenced it. Instead of getting up straight away, she hovered for a moment on the edge of sleep, enjoying being snuggled beneath the covers and the warm sunlight … Continue reading Friday


William Squinting in the bright sunlight and trying to shade his eyes with his one free hand, David wished that he hadn’t left his sunglasses at home. Too much to think about. It had been a rush to get out of the house this morning – everything seemed to take twice as long as it … Continue reading William