Little Marked One

  Her footsteps were nightmares and she was only eleven. Only eleven with dark hair and eyes somewhere between purple dawn and orange sunset. They shone in the moonlight, but only if you weren’t looking, and this girl was going to save the world. At least, she was supposed to, but for the moment he … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 43

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Tornmile Part XLIII: Before the Council Brielle sat on a wooden bench in one of the recessed alcoves that lined the corridor close to the Chamber of Governance. She tapped her left foot against the tiled floor and tried to contain the urge to get up and pace; she had done far too much of … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 26

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Tornmile Part XXVI: Lady In Waiting Brielle sat in front of the mirror, trying to resist the urge to snatch the brush from Léa’s hands, but her patience was thinning with every pulled knot. It was ridiculous anyway. She was perfectly capable of brushing her own hair, and Darian’s house had no shortage of servants … Continue reading

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