Arriving Somewhere Unexpected

This is the piece I wrote for my writers’ group’s last meeting.   Arriving Somewhere Unexpected ‘Excuse me, please.’ The man with the burgundy backpack couldn’t hear me over his headphones, which leaked a tinny tsk tsk into the carriage. The automatic door closed, pinning my arm to my ribs before it whined back open.

Writers’ Group Prompt 1: What I Did On My Holiday

This is the short fiction piece I wrote for the Writers’ Group that I talked about last week. The prompt was “What I Did On My Holiday” with a word limit of 500 words. Hope you enjoy it and Happy Friday!

The Writing Mood

I haven’t been much in the writing mood recently. Following the wave of productivity that came after reading Patrick Ness’ writing tips that I linked here a few posts ago, I’ve crashed down to writing absolutely nothing. I had done two new chapters on the fantasy novel, resurrecting it from the neglect that it had … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 52

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Tornmile Part LII: Out of the Frying Pan Seren felt the rock scrape against her back, tearing her tunic and biting into her flesh. The impact of the water had separated her from Johreel and though she twisted to look for him, silt kicked up from the seabed obscured her vision. The undertow pulled at … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 51

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Tornmile Part LI: The Poison in the Cup Johreel whipped past the outer marker and saw the red scarf there as he had expected: the Magister had returned and Seren had been able to leave the marker. He wondered whether she was really in danger, but the surgeon had been adamant and the subject was … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 50

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Tornmile Part L: The Golden Hawk Mishak pushed the girl ahead of him out into the large square that sprawled before the mansions of the city’s Northern district. The bland name belay the expense of the buildings and the nobility that lived there, but now was not a time for musing on the vanity of … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 49

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Tornmile Part XLIX: Vows Brielle supressed the urge to rub at her knee and looked at the candles on the altar in front of her. The time was nearly gone and she would be glad to be able to rise from her position on the floor. The cathedral’s stonework was old and worn with use, … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 48

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Tornmile Part XLVIII: A Pair of Damsels Mishak and Wieland emerged from the The Old Wreck into the dark street. The air smelled of the recent rain, though no more than a steady trickle still fell from the sky. Mishak turned his coat collar up against it and wondered how the smith managed without a … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 47

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Tornmile Part XLVII: Leaf In A Forest Johreel moved quickly through the undergrowth, crouching as he moved to avoid being seen. Trees creaked and cracked as the wind shivered through the canopy above. That wind was cold, cutting through Johreel’s tunic to the skin. But Johreel didn’t care about the wind, what he cared about … Continue reading

Spotlight On: Benjamin Maltz-Jones

Welcome back for another exciting instalment of Spotlight On. This month I will be turning the spotlight on Benjamin Maltz-Jones, who, in addition to writing, also does a ridiculously good impression of Mickey Mouse. He is an actor, both of voice and of stage, and he will go on to some excellent things in the … Continue reading

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