Shift’s End

  A slab of light fell on MacMillan’s face through the window. It illuminated one eye, brown and bloodshot, a nose, broken in a childhood argument, and a jawline, half-weak, half-strong and with three day’s stubble on it. Officer Jordan watched him from the darkness of the patrol car’s passenger seat. An ambulance rattled the … Continue reading


Charlie put the cat down reluctantly and watched longingly as it wandered up to the door and through the cat flap its thoughtful owners had installed. She turned away and blinked in the bright sun. It was still cool, the first signs of Spring only just appearing and she wished that Summer felt closer. The … Continue reading


They called him the Wolf Knight. His true name, if he’d ever had such a thing, had been forgotten, replaced by a thousand stories of his sword smoking with the blood of his enemies under a bright moon. His presence was said to make even the bravest knights of the realm weak with fear as … Continue reading

The Red Tower

  The tower stood on a cliff, white stone crumbling into the sea below and the swirl of the wind flecking the tower’s sandstone walls with salt spray. The tower had stood for centuries. Once, it was a guard tower for those keeping watch for invasion from the waves or maybe a high point from … Continue reading

Little Marked One

  Her footsteps were nightmares and she was only eleven. Only eleven with dark hair and eyes somewhere between purple dawn and orange sunset. They shone in the moonlight, but only if you weren’t looking, and this girl was going to save the world. At least, she was supposed to, but for the moment he … Continue reading


This is the story of a boy. No. Start again. This is a story about blood and sweat and sand. It is a story about the way sunlight feels on your skin and the way water runs down you back when the wind shakes it from the trees. It’s a story about a boy who … Continue reading

Ghost Story

The second of the two stories from the last writer’s meeting. This is the first of the two I wrote, feeling a little bit flippant about ghost stories, since horror isn’t something I haven’t really dabbled in. So I twisted the specification of a ghost story to a fantasy genre with a silly pun. Hope … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 49

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Tornmile Part XLIX: Vows Brielle supressed the urge to rub at her knee and looked at the candles on the altar in front of her. The time was nearly gone and she would be glad to be able to rise from her position on the floor. The cathedral’s stonework was old and worn with use, … Continue reading

Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue Melanie woke up shivering, her forearm resting on the bare stone. It was still dark, something that didn’t seem to change about this mountain range; it had been well over a week since she had seen the sun, only a shade longer than she had been in the mountains. She was lost, that … Continue reading

The Bloody Hill

The Bloody Hill The Hill was in front of him. It had many different names since no one knew what it was rightly called, but to Oscar it was just The Hill. On occasion it became The Bloody Hill or other contemptuous names, but usually it was just The Hill. It was a monolith in … Continue reading

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