The Hill at Dawn

Here’s the latest flash piece for my writers’ group. I set the prompt this time, which was ‘The Hill at Dawn’. I left it quite late to get started, so what I have is a little unpolished, but nevertheless, here it is. I hope you enjoy it.   Today I have the power of a … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: After the Fall

After the Fall Clouds loomed overhead, filling the sky to the horizon, the only light coming from the occasional lances of lightning arcing towards the earth. Thunder rolled in the heavens and rain poured down in a torrent. In a wide expanse of field, caught in the eye of the storm, two figures were walking, … Continue reading

To God or not to God

Hello all, The majority of my thinking this past week has been on my fantasy series, since it’s what I’ve been writing the most of. I’m very much a believer in macro-world building, that is to say knowing what all the world is like in order to enhance the setting before undertaking any of the … Continue reading

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