Brighton Beach

  Brighton Beach Brighton Beach will rain on me Devour flesh with sky and sea. Auburn hair on autumn stones, Only the seagulls mark the bones. Shingle shifts she’s left to drown Beneath the pier, her voice still sounds. Brighton Beach will reign in me The queen is crowned with sky and sea.  

RJL & Other Poems

  Yeavering, Not Wavering At the top of the hill Resting weary legs and warm bodies Surrounded by a stunning panorama Which I could barely look at.

All I Wanted & Other Poems

Sunset over Mill Green

  All I Wanted All I wanted was to love you, To be beside you every day. All I wanted was to love you, But all you did was walk away.

Stardust & Other Poems

  I Promised Myself I promised myself I wouldn’t cry on the train home I promised myself I wouldn’t cry walking home alone

Will O’ The Wisp & Other Poems

Will O’ The Wisp I come home and the house is dark All the lights are on, but she’s not here. A house’s not a home without that light. Not comfort and not safety, just a shell, A place, a building, a heap of bricks. But that light was a lie. A gaudy flash in … Continue reading

Between The Ribs & Other Poems

  Between The Ribs All that’s left is memories: Not a single spark of light. Lose myself in dreams of you, For another sleepless night.

Until The Call

Until the Call I can’t promise to never leave you. I can’t promise it, no matter what my heart wants to say, because there are lands that I will have to explore on my own: lands that we grow to in time.

And The Greatest Of These…

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And the Greatest of These… Faith looked at the cupboard, eyeing it suspiciously. There was nothing particularly suspicious about it – all she could see from here was a door made of plain wood with a chrome handle. It was deserving of her suspicion though for two reasons. Firstly, she knew exactly what was in … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 33

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Tornmile Part XXXIII: Shadows of the Past Mishak moved through the trees listening to the sounds of the forest; somewhere above him the leaves rustled as a bird flexed its wings and further away he could hear the snuffle of some creature in the undergrowth. He puzzled over what it could be. A badger? No, … Continue reading

The Hands of a Healer

The Hands of a Healer Sam woke from his usual dreams irritable and tired. He looked at the alarm clock by the bed out of routine, rather than from a wish to know the time. Sunlight circumvented his attempts to block it out by creeping around the sides of the blinds and over the top … Continue reading

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