Arriving Somewhere Unexpected

This is the piece I wrote for my writers’ group’s last meeting.   Arriving Somewhere Unexpected ‘Excuse me, please.’ The man with the burgundy backpack couldn’t hear me over his headphones, which leaked a tinny tsk tsk into the carriage. The automatic door closed, pinning my arm to my ribs before it whined back open.

Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue Melanie woke up shivering, her forearm resting on the bare stone. It was still dark, something that didn’t seem to change about this mountain range; it had been well over a week since she had seen the sun, only a shade longer than she had been in the mountains. She was lost, that … Continue reading


Recycling The sun blazed brightly behind the cloud cover, turning the whole sky into a light box. Despite the glare of the sunshine, rain still sleeted heavily from the sky, sending humans scurrying for cover in shop doorways or huddling under umbrellas. Miniature rivers coursed in the gutters, converging into great lakes where the overworked … Continue reading

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