Sunset over Mill Green

  I’m naked in the mirror reflecting on reflection and feeling thankful that I don’t usually have to see myself from this (or any) angle the light is unforgiving but not as much as me the mirror is a canvas and I don’t like what I see I show no restraint: I don’t like me … Continue reading

Matching Set & Other Poems

  Matching Set offering a ring like a pound shop princess talking about how you won’t allow kids when you marry that sexy man over there in the striped shirt because you went to a wedding where some disabled kids played noisily at the back all through the service I look at the man you’re … Continue reading

Underachieving & Other Poems

  Underachieving seeing you achieves nothing you are a fight I cannot win and not my something new but I still want to see you seeing you achieves nothing I am an idea you entertain and a notion unexplored I stop you being bored seeing you achieves nothing you are a shadow of something serious … Continue reading

Favourite & Other Poems

  Favourite I said that you’re my favourite    it sounded a bit lame    like it’s some sort of game

Night Visions & Other Poems

  Night Visions In a lonely all-night garage lit with fluorescent strips, I wandered lonely as a cloud trying to forget your lips.

Mindseige & Other Poems

  Gallivanting Gallants Everyone’s a writer these days New ones spring up so fast And gallivanting gallants in flowery shirts Are just a trick of the past

Not Perfect & Other Poems

  Not Perfect My body is not perfect    except when kissed you My body is not perfect    except when you give it things to do.

Driftwood & Other Poems

  Wandering Albatrosses Bombs, bombs, everywhere Nor any drop to drink. Let’s leave the country So we don’t explode, but sink.

Spring & Cynic

Sunset over Mill Green

  Spring When early mornings hollow Send my brain up and down Up and down and back again When deserted by sleep and sweethearts My heart hangs heavy Like some petulant pendulum When all of my life is a jangle A discord playing over and over And over again That is when I long for … Continue reading

All I Wanted & Other Poems

Sunset over Mill Green

  All I Wanted All I wanted was to love you, To be beside you every day. All I wanted was to love you, But all you did was walk away.

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