Matching Set & Other Poems

  Matching Set offering a ring like a pound shop princess talking about how you won’t allow kids when you marry that sexy man over there in the striped shirt because you went to a wedding where some disabled kids played noisily at the back all through the service I look at the man you’re … Continue reading

Underachieving & Other Poems

  Underachieving seeing you achieves nothing you are a fight I cannot win and not my something new but I still want to see you seeing you achieves nothing I am an idea you entertain and a notion unexplored I stop you being bored seeing you achieves nothing you are a shadow of something serious … Continue reading

I Was Empty & Other Poems

  I Was Empty I was empty       my stomach burned       and my tongue was sick       of the taste of life

Love Is A Dance & Other Poems

Sunset over Mill Green

  Love Is A Dance love is a dance         and I don’t know the steps one dancer joins me         and then promptly forgets

Night Visions & Other Poems

  Night Visions In a lonely all-night garage lit with fluorescent strips, I wandered lonely as a cloud trying to forget your lips.

Stardust & Other Poems

  I Promised Myself I promised myself I wouldn’t cry on the train home I promised myself I wouldn’t cry walking home alone

Will O’ The Wisp & Other Poems

Will O’ The Wisp I come home and the house is dark All the lights are on, but she’s not here. A house’s not a home without that light. Not comfort and not safety, just a shell, A place, a building, a heap of bricks. But that light was a lie. A gaudy flash in … Continue reading

Between The Ribs & Other Poems

  Between The Ribs All that’s left is memories: Not a single spark of light. Lose myself in dreams of you, For another sleepless night.

A Chapter of Writers

Writing is, primarily, a solitary behaviour. Quite a lot of the work we do occurs inside our heads as millions of neurones fire across synapses to bring us the best characters and the twistiest twists imaginable. Whilst others can inspire the creative process and may serve as templates for characters or as groups of people … Continue reading

The Strength of the Pack: Part 3

The Strength of the Pack Part III: Silent Night Snow settled in Connor’s hair. Wind whipped at the thin, dirty shirt he was wearing and he lifted his hands automatically to warm them with his breath, even though the cold did not touch him. He was used to the cold and embraced it; numbness kept … Continue reading

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