The Hill at Dawn

Here’s the latest flash piece for my writers’ group. I set the prompt this time, which was ‘The Hill at Dawn’. I left it quite late to get started, so what I have is a little unpolished, but nevertheless, here it is. I hope you enjoy it.   Today I have the power of a … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 42

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Tornmile Part XLII: Necessary Sacrifice Johreel flexed his left hand as he moved down the corridor, enjoying the freedom from the splints. The surgeon had been surprised at the rate of recovery, but pleased that it had healed so well. Johreel was pleased to have his hand back in working order, though it still hurt … Continue reading

The Heart of the Forest: Part 3

The Heart of the Forest Part 3 – The Vessel Robin smelt leaf-mould and damp earth, felt the crush of twigs beneath his skin. Gradually, cautiously, he opened his eyes. He was lying face down on the ground; beetles crawled across the leaves inches from his head. He jerked into a sitting position and wiped … Continue reading

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