Little Marked One

  Her footsteps were nightmares and she was only eleven. Only eleven with dark hair and eyes somewhere between purple dawn and orange sunset. They shone in the moonlight, but only if you weren’t looking, and this girl was going to save the world. At least, she was supposed to, but for the moment he … Continue reading

Tailor Made

  It was Locklear’s first time in the rain. He couldn’t say that he was enjoying it. The droplets of it beat at his fibres and soaked through to his lining in a way that made the wind chilling. His pockets were sodden, as though Mother Nature wanted them for a drinking cup. It was … Continue reading

Spotlight On: James David Ward

Hello and welcome to the latest instalment of Spotlight On. Today, I will be turning the spotlight on James D. Ward, a close and valued friend of mine, but also a fantastic writer. He writes in all sorts of genres and styles, from poetry to prose, from playwriting to other sets of things beginning with … Continue reading

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