They called him the Wolf Knight. His true name, if he’d ever had such a thing, had been forgotten, replaced by a thousand stories of his sword smoking with the blood of his enemies under a bright moon. His presence was said to make even the bravest knights of the realm weak with fear as … Continue reading

In The Valley

Dust devils danced across the horizon, clearly visible even from behind the protective walls of the base, too regular and too fast to be natural phenomenon, especially so close to nightfall. Kayli called out for Elina and then triggered the alarm to put the base on alert. The third attack on her watch. She was … Continue reading

We Will Remember Them

In Memoriam In Normandy amongst fields of green I saw rows of graves, white and clean Those who in the war gave their lives They liberated France, but what survives? What lessons do these graves now tell? Should we, the young, give our lives as well? I touch the stone of a soldier unknown Should … Continue reading

Tornmile: Part 17

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Tornmile Part XVII: A New Venture Brielle huddled close to Darian as they moved out of Ferrer’s complex and into the street outside. Darian’s curricle stood opposite the entrance to the complex, the horses’ reins being held by a middle aged man with specks of silver in his black hair. He had a strong jaw … Continue reading

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